Topic outline

  • PS Formal Modeling (WS 2022)

    326.007, Wednesday, 17:15-18:45, Room: S2 Z74, Start: October 5, 2022

    We discuss the formal modeling of mathematical problems that are amenable to algorithms and software from symbolic computation; the models are based on the language of algebra and logic. In the accompanying lecture we discuss examples from various application domains. In this proseminar students are expected to model selected problems and demonstrate their results in the form of small papers and presentations.

    Parts of the seminar may be live-streamed and recorded via the following Zoom meeting (but no guarantee is given with respect to the completenss or quality of the recordings, the basic seminar format is on-site, not hybrid).

    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting-ID: 995 2030 2042 Password: ..modeling

  • Organization

    Every student chooses a formal modeling topic that (s)he elaborates. Grading is based on a short paper and a presentation. It is also possible to choose a topic and elaborate it as a bachelor thesis. In addition we will discuss the practice of mathematical research.

    Preliminary Schedule

    • October 5:
      • Presentation of proseminar topics.
    • October 12:
      • Wolfgang Schreiner: How (not) to use LaTeX.
    • October 19:
        • Wolfgang Windsteiger: How to give a mathematical talk.
    • November 9:
      • Carsten Schneider: How to write a mathematical paper.
    • October-January:
      • Individual meetings.
    • January 25, 16:00 (if necessary, also additional dates):
      • Presentations

  • How (Not) to Use LaTeX

  • How to Give a Mathematical Talk

  • How to Write a Mathematical Paper

    Some general remarks:
    • Every author has her/his own style and preferences how to write an article.
    • The structure strongly depends on the topic/message of the article.

    => There is no final word how one should write a mathematical article...

    In the prepared slides the following aspects are elaborated:
    • The general form using latex (with the LNCS-style)
    • How to write the mathematical content (just math!)
    • Presenting the main content (with explanations)
    • General/personal hints/tips

    The following files (popping up in the slides) might be useful to start writing your own article:
  • Assignments