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  • General information

    The Institute of Pervasive Computing offers courses in Computer Science for Bachelor, Master and PhD studies. You can always contact our teaching team via email.

    Please register in KUSSS for courses and lecture exams.


  • Courses we offer in winter term 2023/24.

    • Algorithms and Data Structures 2: VL 340300, UE (CS, Java) 34031x, UE (AI, Python) 34032x
    • Practical Work in AI: PR 340912
    • Pervasive Computing: Systems and Environments: VL 340500, UE 340510
    • Pervasive Computing: Design and Development: VL 340600, UE 340610
    • Master's Thesis Seminar WS: SE 340020
    • Master's Thesis Seminar für AI: SE 340920

    • PhD Seminar Computer Science: SE 340001