Topic outline

  • General

    326.007, Wednesday, 17:15-18:45, Room: S2 044, Start: March 6, 2024

    We discuss the formal modeling of mathematical problems that are amenable to algorithms and software from symbolic computation; the models are based on the language of algebra and logic. In the accompanying lecture we present examples from various application domains. In this proseminar students are expected to model selected problems and demonstrate their results in the form of small papers and presentations.

  • Organization

    Every student chooses a formal modeling topic that (s)he elaborates. Grading is based on a short paper and a presentation. It is also possible to choose a topic and elaborate it as a bachelor thesis. In addition we will discuss the practice of mathematical research.

    Preliminary Schedule

    • March 6:
      • Presentation of proseminar topics.
    • March 13:
      • Wolfgang Schreiner: How (not) to use LaTeX.
    • March 20:
      • Wolfgang Windsteiger: How to give a mathematical talk.
    • April 10:
      • Carsten Schneider: How to write a mathematical paper.
    • March-June:
      • Individual meetings.
    • June 26, 16:00 (if necessary, also additional dates):
      • Presentations

  • Assignments