How Can I Allow Outside Individuals to Access My Moodle Course?

There are two ways to allow outside individuals (those who have no e-Directory access) to participate in the course:

Option 1: Open the course without active participation
Moodle allows you to open your course to outside individuals by adding "Guest access" to the Enrolment methods. However, this allows anyone to enter your course but without editing rights and without being able to actively participate in the course (such as in the discussion forums).

Access Enrolment methods under "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Users" > "Enrolment methods". Select "Guest access" from the pull-down bar "Add method" (in the middle of the window) to activate Guest access. Before you click on "Add method" you can select a password. Guests will be required to supply the password each time they access the course.

When someone wants to access your course, he/she can register by logging in or clicking on the "Als Gast anmelden" button.

Option 2: Request User ID
Ask for a "BenutzerInnenberechtigung" by the Dept. of Human Resource Management. It is important that you are getting a JKU e-mail address aswell.

If approved, outside individuals will be assigned an AK personnel number. Once registered in Moodle using this number, you can assign the role you wish (such as "Tutor"). See: "How Can I Authorize Others for My Moodle Course?"

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