How Can I See If There Is a Moodle Course in the JKU Moodle System for My Course?

In KUSSS, select "Study Room" under "My Courses" (1). You will see a Moodle icon in the "Extras" column (2). Click on the icon to log in to the course's JKU Moodle class. If there is no icon, there is no Moodle class in the JKU Moodle system.
if you see a Moodle icon but are unable to access the corresponding class, it means the Moodle class is not available to students. In this case, please contact the course instructor to find out when access is possible.

Die Grafik zeigt die Seite im KUSSS, auf der Sie erkennen können, ob es am JKU Moodle einen Moodle Kurs für Ihre LV gibt.

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