How Can I Authorize Others for My Moodle Course?

The individual entered as the teacher for a course in KUSSS will have automatic access to the Moodle course.

Additional persons can be authorized by going to "Administration" > "Course Administration" > "Users" and "Enrolled users". Click on "Enrol users" to access a menu in which you can allocate roles in the Moodle course. If the authorized users are to have editing rights in the Moodle course, for example, you can select the role "Tutor" in "Assign role". Use the search field to look for individuals, click, and then click "Enrol users".

You will only be able to see those already logged in once in the concerning Moodle system. Please allocate user rights only to accounts that have an AK number. You may give access to someone who has a student ID number only if that person does not have an AK number.

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