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Site: JKU Moodle
Course: JKU Moodle (jku2015)
Glossary: FAQs for Faculty Members

I Have Forgotten My Password

The following site contains instructions on how to create a new password:
Access Data for JKU Faculty & Staff

I Would Like to Create a Joint Moodle Course for a Few Courses.

First, activate Moodle-Support in KUSSS for courses in question.
Next, send an email to ( to let us know which courses should be combined into a Moodle course. Do not make any changes in the individual Moodle courses before receiving a reply from us as we cannot include any changes in the new, joint course.
KUSSS synchronization for students and teachers regarding the courses in question is automatic in the joint Moodle course.

Can a Student Be Manually Removed From a Moodle Course?

No. The prerequisite is that enrollment takes place via KUSSS synchronization and the student is registered in the course in KUSSS.

What Happens to Students Who Add the Course at a Later Date?

During the next KUSSS synchronization process, these students will be enrolled in the Moodle course.

What Happens With Students Who Withdraw From a Course Via KUSSS?

Students not allocated to a course in KUSSS will also be released from the Moodle course after the next KUSSS synchronization. Students will no longer have access to the Moodle course. This is also the case if students withdraw from the course or if students are dropped from the course by the teacher.

What Should I Do If a Course is Incorrectly Listed in the Course Overview?

According to the course start and finish dates as stated in the Moodle course settings, the course will be listed under “In progress”, “Future”, or “Past”.
Moodle courses synchronized in KUSSS will automatically be set to the respective semester's start and finish dates. If the dates are incorrect, they can be changed under "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Edit settings" > "Course start date"/"Course end date".

Which Semesters Will Be Synchronized in KUSSS?

The current semester will always be synchronized with the previous semester.
The switch to the new semester takes place during the week in which the current courses become available in KUSSS.

How Do I Download All of the (Homework) Submissions?

Select the assignment and click "Administration" on left under "Assignment administration" and then "Download all submissions"

How Can I Use The Resource "StreamURL"?


How Can I Rename Different Sections in My Course?

Individual sections (=thematic blocks) are generally designated Topic 1, Topic 2, etc.
To rename them, go to the top right and click on "Turn editing on". Click on the pen symbol located next to the section title you wish to change. Write down the name you would like and save with ENTER.

How Can I Edit Entries in My Profile?

On the top right, click on your name and in the window, click on the tab "Preferences". Then select "Edit profile" under "User Account". Complete the form by entering your information and saving it to update your profile.

How Can I Copy a Wiki Incl. the Content?

The course copy generally has a new Wiki set up. The existing content is linked to the Wiki authors. To transfer content, a copy must be made with anonymous users. To make a copy of the Wiki including all content, please send an email including the Wiki link, an abbreviated designation of the target course to . We will take care of the copy.

How Can I Restrict Email Notifications from Moodle Forums?

You can decide for yourself whether or not you wish to be notified per e-mail in regards to new posts in the course forum.

Click in the course on "Forums" in the "Activities" section. You will see an overview of all forums and can determine which forums you wish to subscribe or unsubcribe to.

You can also summarize forum posts in your profile section. On the upper right side, click on your name and then "Preferences". Under "User Account", select "Forum preferences". In the field "Email digest type" you can get a daily summary of forum posts.

How Can I Allow Outside Individuals to Access My Moodle Course?

There are two ways to allow outside individuals (those who have no e-Directory access) to participate in the course:

Option 1: Open the course without active participation
Moodle allows you to open your course to outside individuals by adding "Guest access" to the Enrolment methods. However, this allows anyone to enter your course but without editing rights and without being able to actively participate in the course (such as in the discussion forums).

Access Enrolment methods under "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Users" > "Enrolment methods". Select "Guest access" from the pull-down bar "Add method" (in the middle of the window) to activate Guest access. Before you click on "Add method" you can select a password. Guests will be required to supply the password each time they access the course.

When someone wants to access your course, he/she can register by logging in or clicking on the "Als Gast anmelden" button.

Option 2: Request User ID
Ask for a "BenutzerInnenberechtigung" by the Dept. of Human Resource Management. It is important that you are getting a JKU e-mail address aswell.

If approved, outside individuals will be assigned an AK personnel number. Once registered in Moodle using this number, you can assign the role you wish (such as "Tutor"). See: "How Can I Authorize Others for My Moodle Course?"

How Can I Set Individual Testsettings for Individual Students?

Select the test. On the left under "Administration" you will see "Quiz administration" and the menu item "User overrides". Click on "Add user override".

Select user(s). You can now change as desired for the individual student under "Open the quiz", "Close the quiz", "Time Limit" and "Attempts allowed".

Please note that the general test settings are also valid. Under "Quiz administration" > "Edit settings" you can define the evaluation methods for several attempts in the category "Grade". As additional test attempts are defined according to an individual basis, you must also specify the grading method to be used (i.e. "Last attempt"). If no grading method is specified, the best score will be used.

How Can I Copy Content?

If you want to copy course content from a course on the consisting Moodle to a course on the same Moodle, use "Import".
If you want to restore a backup from a course, use the "Restore" function.

How Can I Hide My Moodle Course from Students?

A Moodle course and authorization will be automatically created. As soon as courses are allocated, students will have access to the corresponding Moodle course. If you would rather not have this, you can hide it from students during the time you are still working on the course syllabus, etc. In the Moodle course, go to "Administration" > "Course Administration" > "Edit settings". Under "General" > "Course visibility" change "Show" to "Hide". Do not forget to change the setting back once you have finished drafting the course.

How Can I Sign up for Moodle?

The following site contains instructions on what your Access Data is:
JKU Account

How Can I Transfer Grades from Moodle to KUSSS?

Please see the instructions below…

How Can I Authorize Others for My Moodle Course?

The individual entered as the teacher for a course in KUSSS will have automatic access to the Moodle course.

Additional persons can be authorized by going to "Administration" > "Course Administration" > "Users" and "Enrolled users". Click on "Enrol users" to access a menu in which you can allocate roles in the Moodle course. If the authorized users are to have editing rights in the Moodle course, for example, you can select the role "Tutor" in "Assign role". Use the search field to look for individuals, click, and then click "Enrol users".

You will only be able to see those already logged in once in the concerning Moodle system. Please allocate user rights only to accounts that have an AK number. You may give access to someone who has a student ID number only if that person does not have an AK number.

As a Faculty Member, How Do I Get a Moodle Course for My Course?

Moodle course creation happens automatically, if Moodle-Support is enabled in KUSSS. To activate the Moodle-Support for your course, log in to KUSSS, click on "Course list", then on your course, and change the tab to "Additional functions". Under "Moodle-Support deactivated", click on "activate Moodle-Support". The Moodle course will be available approximately two hours after activation. Under "My courses", students enrolled in the course will see the Moodle symbol which is directly linked to the corresponding Moodle course.

How Do I Create a Forum "Announcements"?

The course generally does not contain a news forum/forum "Announcements". The "Latest announcements" block only works with a standard news forum/forum "Announcements". If you want to use the block, go to the block "Administration" > "Course Administration" > "Edit settings". Under "Appereance" and "Number of announcements" enter a number greater than 0. Go to "Save and display" and you will see the news forum/forum "announcements". Please note that this forum only serves to provide students with information. Students cannot reply to posts. Moodle offers a number of other forums that you can create in your course.

Note: If a Moodle course or a forum is set to "hide", students will not receive e-mail notification messages when there are new posts.

How Often is the KUSSS Synchronization?

Every two hours.

How Do I See If There Is Anything New in a Course?

Check under "Recent Activity" to see what materials have been added.

How Can I Define the Number of Email Notifications?

You can define the number of messages and notifications you receive per e-mail.

In the upper right corner, click on your name and then on "Preferences". Select "Notification Preferences" under "User Account" and change your preferences.

Where Can I Set a Preview Picture for My Course?

Open your course and under "Administration" > "Course administration" > "Edit settings" > „Course Summary files“ you can add an image by drag & drop. Finally click on „Save and display“.

Here you can use the images from the image database of the university communications or your new institute logo.
Within the institute, it would be nice if you use different graphics.