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Site: JKU Moodle
Course: JKU Moodle (jku2015)
Glossary: FAQs for Students
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I Have Forgotten My Password

The following site contains instructions on how to create a new password:
JKU Account

I See a Moodle Icon in KUSSS but Can Not Find the Corresponding Moodle Course?

Course instructors have the option to hide courses from students. This means that on one hand, the course is probably still being prepared before being accessible online, or the course is no longer available.

If you have questions about the availability of your course, please contact the course instructor.

What Should I Do If a Course is Incorrectly Listed in the Course Overview?

According to the course start and finish dates as stated in the Moodle course settings, the course will be listed under “In progress”, “Future” or “Past”. If the classification is incorrect, please contact the course instructor or the corresponding institute.

How Do I Find Courses in Moodle?

KUSSS automatically allocates enrollment in a course's Moodle course. In KUSSS, next to the course in the "Extras" column, click on the Moodle icon to go directly to the Moodle course. After successful login, you can access the corresponding Moodle course in Moodle. The prerequisite is that the Moodle course be released for students by the instructor.
If it is a Moodle course without a corresponding course in KUSSS, search for the Moodle course title under "search courses" and "quick links". You will see a list of available courses and you can make your selection.

How Can I Add the Block "MMJUS Links"

After logging in, click on “Customise this page” in the top right.
Dashboard bearbeiten

On the bottom left under the block “Add a Block” select “MMJUS Links”.

Block hinzufügen

There you will find, among other things, the link to your examinations.

How Can I Edit Entries in My Profile?

On the top right, click on your name and in the window, click on the tab "Preferences". Then select "Edit profile" under "User Account". Complete the form by entering your information and saving it to update your profile.

How Can I Restrict Email Notifications from Moodle Forums?

You can decide for yourself whether or not you wish to be notified per e-mail in regards to new posts in the course forum.

Click in the course on "Forums" in the "Activities" section. You will see an overview of all forums and can determine which forums you wish to subscribe or unsubcribe to.

You can also summarize forum posts in your profile section. On the upper right side, click on your name and then "Preferences". Under "User Account", select "Forum preferences". In the field "Email digest type" you can get a daily summary of forum posts.

How Can I See If There Is a Moodle Course in the JKU Moodle System for My Course?

In KUSSS, select "Study Room" under "My Courses" (1). You will see a Moodle icon in the "Extras" column (2). Click on the icon to log in to the course's JKU Moodle class. If there is no icon, there is no Moodle class in the JKU Moodle system.
if you see a Moodle icon but are unable to access the corresponding class, it means the Moodle class is not available to students. In this case, please contact the course instructor to find out when access is possible.

Die Grafik zeigt die Seite im KUSSS, auf der Sie erkennen können, ob es am JKU Moodle einen Moodle Kurs für Ihre LV gibt.

How Can I Change My Email Address?

Change your email address in KUSSS under "My settings".

KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System)

How Can I Sign up for Moodle?

The following site contains instructions on what your Access Data is:
Access Data for JKU Students

How Can I Enroll in a Moodle Course?

KUSSS automatically allocates enrollment in a course's Moodle course. If it is a Moodle course that does not have a corresponding course in KUSSS, clicking on the course you wish to enroll in and you will be asked to enter an Enrolment key. You can obtain this code from your teacher or the responsible institution. Enter the code once you will be officially enrolled and will have access to the materials.

How Can I Withdraw From a Moodle Course?

If you withdraw from a course in KUSSS (or you are dropped from the course), access to the Moodle course will be automatically deactivated.

How Can I View my Current Courses in The Left Column?

After Login click on "Customise this page" on the top right. On the left down corner choose "My current courses" under "ADD A BLOCK". You will find there all your current courses as in the course overview under "In progress".

How Do I See If There Is Anything New in a Course?

Check under "Recent Activity" to see what materials have been added.

How Can I Adjust My Settings so that My E-mail Address Can be Seen?

Click on your name in the upper right corner and then on the tab "Preferences" in the window. Then select "Edit profile" under "User Account". Under "Email display", select the option "Allow everyone to see my email address" or "Allow only course members to see my email address".